Saturday, January 22, 2011

Oops X 2!

Ooops #1...I took a video with my iphone of Mom trying to talk today, but it is too big to upload to blogger and I don't know how to make it smaller.

Ooops #2...As I was leaving the rehab facility tonight down the same path I take several times a day and every night, I fell and busted my butt, but I didn't drop my iphone. I know what's important!! !Forget the busted knee and elbow....the phone is saved!

And....I missed my first parade today. Won't be participating in any of my krewe's activities this year and I am really sorry because I really like our captain this year. Don't really care about missing the ball as I am not much of a dress up kind of gal anymore, but I did enjoy riding the float in the parades.


Anonymous said...

I was worried about your mom from the other day/night....things are all okay then?

Sandy said...

Yes, but we still don't know why she was acting that way. Of course, we always think blood sugar first, but that was not an issue. She does have a UTI and is now on cipro for that. I am going to get her in a few minutes and take her to my brother's for lunch. He is having back surgery tomorrow and wanted her to come to his house while he could still help get her out of the car.

Anonymous said...

Well , that is probably it. UTI's cause some really strange behavior in the elderly sometimes. And unfortunately they are pretty prevalant in her type of situation.
Yes, I also read the other post about her talking in her sleep. I agree, the brain does some weird things. So , you know her speaking ability is there in some realm.
Mom said dad had a day where he was just talking up a storm to my nephew and his friend and it never happened again. I don't know if that was just a short circuit that the brain was trying to create a pathway for speech, since the other one was impaired or just what happened that day. We also wondered sometimes if certain of the drugs he was on made a difference.
Thanks for the info...I am just kinda invested she is part of my family, a little. Beth :)

Anonymous said...

You might want to look up effects of urinary tract infections on the elderly , you may see her symptoms/effects listed. Beth