Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Rough day!

I spent most of the day crying because something was wrong with Mom and neither I nor any one else there could figure out what was wrong. She cried and I cried. After about 3 hours, I left for a little while and called my brother. The aide told me she went to sleep after I left. I stayed gone a couple of hours, but my brother went to see about her. She was sleeping when he got there. All was well when she woke up, except that she was all wet with sweat from a low blood sugar. Once we got that regulated, she was fine. We both left tonight never knowing what was wrong. When I got there this evening, my brother was in conference with the directors of nursing. He had a run-in with one of the aides last night that was in no hurry to get in there and help the other (very pregnant) aide help Mom go to the bathroom. The helpful aide was not even Mom's designated aide...the other lazy assed one was and my brother had a few words to say to her about not getting in there to help the other aide. My brother doesn't get angry much, but he was mad as hell last night. He told the directors that he didn't want that aide back in his mother's room and he also didn't want any retaliation for his going off on her. He is afraid she will take it out on Mom. She is the only lazy, disagreeable person we have encountered. Whew! I need to go to bed!

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Linda said...

Oh Sandy, my heart goes out to you and your brother. I know that stress is unbearable. Will continue to pray for you!!!