Sunday, December 12, 2010

More Mom

Second week in this rehab is completed. She is showing some tiny advancements and saying a few more things more clearly, but they are mostly things she doesn't have to think about. I tried to get her to learn to say Stewart, my brother's name, before he came back from Branson. She actually said it pretty good for him, but only copying what we tell her to say. I have been reading up on a concept called Earthing that I was told about by a friend. It basically just uses a pad connected to the ground part of a plug that the user places his/her feet on barefooted while  sitting. I ordered one for her. I already bought a bed sheet for me that is grounded and already feel  a bit more energized after 3 nights of sleeping on it. Here is the website. I have read the book that came with mine and I am quite impressed. It certainly can't hurt anything. We have disconnected ourselves from the healing properties of the Earth by wearing shoes all the time. Who knows....this might help her re-connect those broken connections in her brain!

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Linda said...

Glad to here of the improvements! I have been checking to see if you have posted lately. I am so sorry that this is the second holiday season that has been so hard on your family.