Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Day!

We brought Mom to my house for Christmas dinner. She enjoyed it and so did we.


Anonymous said...

She looks so happy. She is a beautiful lady.
Give her a hug from me. Tell her she isn't alone and there is a lot of good that can happen.
How is her short term memory? Does she know what happened to her?
I thought dad did all along and once , the speech therapist asked him and he didn't know, really. So, I explained what I knew and he was very thankful to know it.
His stroke happened during the surgery to open a partially clogged carotid artery. There was only a two percent chance of that happening, but , it did.
We were all in shock for a long time. Oh, and an ipad or something similar is a great idea.
Even a magnetic letter board , if she doesn't do computer type things. Beth

Sandy said...

She does know what happened and understands what we say to her. She talks and talks, but we mostly don't know what she is saying. Her stroke happened during the night of October 29th, exactly one year after Dad died. My brother found her the next morning when he went for breakfast with her.

Linda said...

Sandy, she looks great!!!