Friday, October 08, 2010

Why? Why? Why?

The entire state of Louisiana is under a burn ban. My brother is a volunteer fire fighter and captain of his local fire department. I have not seen him in two weeks because he has been on duty at Lake Bistineau where the dried up lake bed is burning and will continue to burn until the lake fills back up. There is no way to put it out, but depending on the wind, some houses could be in jeopardy. Today I finally saw him as we were preparing for a
reunion tomorrow and he got a fire call while we were doing it. Found out that someone blamed their dog for turning over a can. First of all, it is against the law to have any fire outside and second, there was no can to be found. Straight up liar! The perp was ticketed, but he should have spent a night in jail for endangering everything and everyone! I guess common sense just isn't very common!


Charlene said...

It's dry as a desert bone here in Kentucky. So far not so many wild fires but in southern Indiana pastures have burned and one day last month a whole soybean field went up in flame from the heat of the combine motor.

Intentionally burning outside when a burn order is in force is criminal.

Sandy said...

Charlene, it is criminal and there is no way that anyone would not know the danger AND that there is a statewide burn ban. It's on TV every night!

Anonymous said...

Sandy, why was it that the fire could not be put out?