Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tiz the season, I guess!

I purposely have avoided committees, meetings, and all other things that I hated when I was working. The last week I have had too many meetings doing things I do NOT want to do. How did this happen? Deeply involved in the tediousness that is the krewe cookbook project, now totally involved in procuring funds for a memorial at the site of my now defunct high school, and working on the Mardi Gras float. We are trying to get finished with the cookbook before all the holiday festivities begin. Getting funds for anything is just a pain in the ass, but my brother is all gung ho about this memorial project, so I can't tell him no. Three days last week I didn't even make it to my mom's and I still have projects going on at her house....PLUS, the pecans are falling big time! Mom can pick up pecans because she has those gizmos to use without bending over, but my brother and I try to help her as much as we can. Then I take the pecans and get them cracked for her. She picks out every last one of them.

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