Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Love it!

Too good not to share. I got this in an email tonight!


Anonymous said...

You mean a moron like someone who posts a cartooon of the Continental Congress and the Declaration of Independence and thinks it's the Constitutional Convention?

Sandy said...

Puuhleeze!!!You need to get a life and a sense of humor!!!!

Sandy said...

And stop hiding behind anonymous!

Anonymous said...


I have a sense of humor, but not about bitter people who constantly call others names that equally apply to themselves. Folks who attempt to make fun of the knowledge of our government's leaders when they can't tell the difference between the Continental Congress and the Constitutional Convention themselves. Learn something before you are qualified to joke about it.

Stop calling people morons, when you spew your hate and I will stop being anonymous.

Educate yourself and get beyond your prejudice and you might find out that you don't have the answers and that those you call morons might be a tad bit smarter than you.

Charlene said...

All I can see is a white square and that friendly little red X in the upper left corner.

As to Anonymous posting; I think people do that because they don't want others following them back to their blogs and posting anonymously! LOL

I do get tired of all the bashing back and forth but it won't stop me from speaking up. Back when Clinton was in office it was Monica jokes. Then when GW was in office it was jokes about hilarious things he'd say while trying to give a speech.

I'm proud of our President Barack Obama. I figure people who have to use his name as their favorite negative adjective are just not creative or have a limited vocabulary.

Linda said...

I totally liked it, Sandy!!!

Sandy said...

I'm leaving it up long enough to continue to irritate those who insist on continuing to come here even though they disagree with everything I put here.