Saturday, September 11, 2010


It apparently takes a freakin' act of Congress to cancel the Shreveport Times. I have been trying for about two weeks now. Finally contacted customer service since they don't have any way to cancel online. They do, however, have lots of OTHER things I could have pay my bill or have my paper stopped while I go on vacation. I went round and round with customer service who insists on charging me $8.15 for the first 10 days of September. I told them I wasn't going to pay it because it wasn't my fault that no one would cancel my subscription. I was told I had to snail mail a copy of my last bill and write a cancellation notice. Well, I sucked it up and did that this morning and included the $8.15. Now I'm wishing I would have sent it in pennies!!!! I just want this ordeal OVER! I also told them in my letter of cancellation that because it was so difficult to cancel that I would never re-subscribe even if it ever became a paper worth reading.


Charlene said...

At one time I subscribed to one daily and two weekly papers. The one weekly was a local paper that I had helped a friend restart about 25 years ago. He had retired from a company I had worked with and bought a defunct paper. I helped him set up the database, etc. So as long as he owned it I got it free. He sold it and the new people sent me a subscription offer and I signed up and paid for three years. I got a notice in July that it was going to end with the Aug 10 issue. I wrote them an e.mail and told them I wouldn't be resubscribing as they had a particularly irritating national columnist who never had a nice thing to say about anyone. They write me back and tell me they got rid of that columnist, so I could safely reup. I didn't. I'm still getting the paper today. I am not going to pay as I have a copy of having canceled.

Also I subscribed to a weekly paper from my home town and in May 2008 I cancelled via a letter and their subscription card. I'm still getting it. Oh well free papers.

Linda said...

I wish you had sent pennies also, but wonder what the postage would have been!

Anonymous said...

At least when you can't get along with this company you don't call them morons like you do elected officials.