Thursday, July 01, 2010

My brother is sooooo funny!

My unreasonable fear of snakes and all other varmints has always been great entertainment for my brother. I blame him for some of my jumpiness! He has always been a practical joker and I have always been his favorite victim! Today, I went to Mom’s to pick the okra. As I walked down the road to the okra row, I happened upon a black snake diligently placed and staged. It was dead, but it scared me much! I called him and asked him if he left that snake for me, knowing full well that he did. He died laughing and blamed it on his wife! Of course, I did not have my camera and forgot about the camera on my phone. I was too traumatized to take a picture anyway! I think it was the same snake that I saw in the beans a couple of weeks least, I hope it was!!!!!


Linda said...

Don't we just love our brothers!!!!!!!

Sandy said...

Yep...he's the best, but he keeps me always on alert!