Tuesday, July 06, 2010


I have been able to leave all the water hoses and sprinklers put away for a whole week. Thank God we have finally had a few showers and a break in the weather.

Also, I was finally able to find a few Heat Wave tomato plants, so I planted them today before the rain. I hope we can grow a few tomatoes on our last attempt this year. My brother fixed a new place to plant them, has a soaker hose along the row and lots of pine straw to help with the grass and weeds.
He also wants to plant some pumpkins. We have never grown any pumpkins although Dad always wanted to. Don't know why he never planted any.

I made it through the reunion with only one episode of watery eyes when my cousin got up and talked about Dad. Still....it's an event I don't enjoy going to. Most of the people there are people I don't even know even though they are distant relatives.

I'm considering just turning off the TV. There is so much stuff that makes me mad and question the sanity of the politicians, especially Obama and his minions.

  • WTH does NASA have to do with Muslims? Why has the director of NASA been told to engage the muslim world?
  • Why is the USA (OBAMA) suing Arizona for trying to protect its own people?
  • Why are people who know how to stop the gusher in the Gulf being ignored?
  • Why are the people who know how to clean it up not allowed to do it?
  • Why has the Jones Act not been lifted?
  • Why is Louisiana not allowed to put boulders around the marshes to protect them from oil?
  • Any why are 1st amendment rights being ignored down on the Gulf Coast ?
I just can't understand how people can be so damn STUPID!

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