Saturday, May 22, 2010


I dropped my mom off at the hairdresser's yesterday on my way home and my brother picked her up later. She was perfectly fine...even baked a cake when she got home for someone who lost her mother. Last night at 8:30, my brother went to drop off some groceries he had picked up for Mom. When he walked in, she said, "Good morning!" Uh, Oh! It's not morning and she has cooked breakfast thinking it was Saturday morning. Did she not wonder why she was still dressed in her clothes and it was dark outside? Strange. Blood sugars were all ok, but she had taken her meds and her insulin just like she would in the morning! CRAZY! Anyway, they put the breakfast all away and checked on her later and she was fine. Today she is fine, but Holy Moly, that is some scary stuff. I guess she slept a little too long during her nap!!!

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