Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mission accomplished!

Well, not quite, but since I took yesterday off from working in Mom's yard and the garden, I had to go to work today. Almost finished pruning her azaleas and did a little work in the garden. The hard work in the garden is finished. I just try to stay on top of the weeds and grass so that the whole garden looks clean. Basically, it is clean!

Mom cooked lunch today and we had more new potatoes. YUM! I tried to start that silly little Mantis tiller again today and once again, it would not start. I told my brother and he pulled it one time and it started. That just pisses me off!

My biggest tomatoes got cut down by cutworms. Damn things went below the foil I had wrapped around them. They had tomatoes on them! Someone told me today to put an empty beer bottle at both ends of the row! Hello! Now that's something I can do. In fact, I think I'll go empty one of them now!

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Pat Austin said...


Put four or five wooden match sticks around em! Stick them about 1/2 to 3/4 way into the dirt!