Monday, April 19, 2010

It's cold!

Never thought I would not be happy with cool weather in April, but today was just not very comfortable out in the garden. I picked collard greens for Mom to cook and I cooked a pork loin before I went to her house. She also made some hot water cornbread, so we had a nice lunch. She could not eat her collard greens because she is on coumadin (blood thinner) and green things have vitamin K, which is also a blood thinner. Her home health nurse was there when we were getting ready to eat and she told Mom not to eat the greens! Poor Mom! We told her they weren't good. She wouldn't like them!!!! Actually, they were delish!

I planted some replacement tomatoes and protected them from the cutworms. Also, planted a few marigolds in the tomatoes and potatoes because I've been told insects don't like marigolds.

Brother has been having major heart palpitations  for a couple of days now and just generally doesn't feel well, but he won't go to the doctor!! Go figure! His heartbeat is very irregular!

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Linda said...

I sure didn't know that about the greens and coumadin. Learn something new every day. Lunch sure sounded good. It's fun to read about your garden progress.