Saturday, March 27, 2010

Full speed Saturday!

Ok, full speed for me is barely moving, but even at that speed, I have accomplished my goals already today.

  • Cooked peas and cornbread (with awesome tomatoes from Whole Foods)
  • Cleaned house including vacuuming (which I hate to do)
  • Washed all the clothes and put them up
  • Spread 3 more bags of mulch (finished)
  • Washed the patio furniture
  • Ate the peas
  • Nap time now
  • Krewe Captain's party tonight


Anonymous said...

Could I have some of those vitamins you are taking....have a good night Sandy.


Sandy said...

Jane, these days are more and more rare, so I am happy when I actually get something done! Went to Utah a couple of weeks ago. Had not been in a very long time. Enjoyed some quality downtime and rest with great friends.