Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Mom update

Mom is much better and even her foot is better. Now her blood is a little too thick, but the danger has passed for her to stroke out or get bumped and bleed out. I left for a while today while my cousin was there with her and when I got back, she had on make up and lipstick and looked like Mom again..her beautiful self!!! Doc isn't pushing it, but he said if she is just antsy and wants to go home, he might let her go home and have home health check her blood every day and give her the shot she has been getting every day to regulate her blood thickness. It's easier on me if she is in the hospital because I live in the town with the hospital and my brother is on vacation. I don't have to worry about making sure she gets fed at the proper times for her blood sugar. If she goes home, I will practically have to stay there with her since my brother is gone. I am not going to voice my opinion though....it's her decision. If she thought about it being easier on me, she would not go home. I want her to do what she wants to do.

I think I might have to opt out of the Mardi Gras parade on Sunday. The high temp is not supposed to get out of
the 40's and I haven't forgotten how freakin' cold I was after our local parade. The next one is much longer!!! The weather guessers are predicting snow on Thursday and Friday. Thank you, Al Gore!!!! I love snow!


Linda said...

Glad your Mom is doing better. I love the t-shirt.

Sandy said...

Thanks...we are going home today, but not until she gets her blood re-typed (2 hours) and has one more bag of blood (another 2 hours)