Thursday, February 18, 2010

I hate when this happens!

As I was exiting the EZGo golf cart store yesterday, I noticed that my car had been hit in the back and busted up the trim and scratched the bumper. It didn't happen there, so I don't know when it happened. Of course, whoever did it left the scene without leaving a note on my car other than the damage! So today I got to get estimates and now I will have to be without my car for 3 days whenever I get it fixed. That will be OK because Mom's car and Dad's truck are sitting at her house unused right now. It's always something! I am just grateful it wasn't more than it is. I will probably get the money for the highest estimate, then take it to the lowest estimate place to get it fixed and make a couple of hundred bucks!

My brother and I planted 4 rows of potatoes today. He had the rows fixed and fertilized before I got there, but I planted the potatoes. We did some more work around Mom's house as well. He has been doing a lot of hard work. He did most of it while he was staying with her during the day while I was staying with her at night and coming home to sleep during the day. He was using power tools such as a chain saw....I don't do chain saws! He cut down trees and chopped fire wood like a MAN! I can't do that stuff! I'm too much of a wuss!

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