Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Step 2!

Step 1 was to find all the stuff the lawyer needed after Dad died. Today we went to the lawyer for the first visit. Wow! Lots of stuff to do. I have a list of 5 things to do as my homework! Tomorrow I will be calling the companies where Dad had life insurance policies. One of his IRA'a had a life insurance policy that came with it for $1000 if the owner dies from lung cancer or brain cancer. He died from both, but I have to get doctor records to prove it. Mom thought his will was at the lawyer's office, but they did not find it. She and my brother were going to the bank to look in the safety deposit box. I already tried, but since my name was not on the box, I was unable to look in it. Won't really matter if they don't find it because Louisiana law already provides the exact same things the will would say. Half to Mom with full usufruct until her death when it all passes to my brother and me.
UPDATE: The will was in the box at the bank!

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