Thursday, December 03, 2009

New Mom update!

I could tell when I got to Mom's this morning that her foot was better. It was all over her face that she was not in such pain. We escaped going to the hospital this time , but she got another shot. Tomorrow we will get another shot and hope she continues to improve. Eventually, I think she will have to have some work done on that foot due to misshapen toes that are causing the problem. I got all the outside water hydrants winterized for the coming weather at her house.

I also got to have lunch with our lunch bunch today. Seems like a long time since I have been able to meet them for lunch and it was nice.

All my buds down in South Texas are expecting snow tomorrow. They even had snow last year in December while I, at 200 miles further north, have had none! What's up with that? I want snow. Of course, if my driveway iced up I would be stuck because it goes uphill!!!

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Linda said...

Glad your Mom didn't have to go to the hospital.