Sunday, November 29, 2009

Busy week ahead!

My brother looks in on Mom several times a day and I do once a day, but tomorrow he leaves for a little much needed R&R. I will be checking on her more frequently although I don't live as close as he does, so it requires more effort for me. We have some local guys on her call list to come pick her up if she falls. Her foot needs attention again, so I will be taking her to Bossier tomorrow morning to let doc look at it. On Tuesday she has another appointment, so I will take her to that as well.

I'm thinking of taking a little R&R trip soon. Not sure where I will go. I have two friends who want me to go to D.C. in AUGUST to Glenn Beck's march on Washington. I am just not up for that. It's too HOT in August and it's too far to walk to the Lincoln Memorial. My back won't hold up long anymore. Even working in my own yard requires me to sit down a few minutes pretty regularly. I love Glenn Beck, but not enough to get in that crowd and sweat and hurt!

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