Saturday, September 12, 2009

Much needed busy day!

A friend of mine is on the Board of Directors of the Louisiana March of Dimes and today there was a brunch fundraiser at El Dorado casino. He had already bought a table at the event, but he could not go because he had a ribbon cutting of his new business tonight, so 7 of us filled up his table for him and enjoyed the brunch. He wouldn't have enjoyed it anyway because it was mostly a women's event with a style show and girlie stuff.

Tonight I went to the ribbon cutting of his new business, which is an event center called Orleans on Main in Minden. He has renovated an old building on Main Street and it is absolutely beautiful and already booked through the end of the year. He had the opening catered and had live music for entertainment. Very classy...just like him.

The only time I had today to go see Dad was between these two events and usually at that time Mom is trying to rest, so I didn't go. First time in a month that I didn't see my dad, but when I called tonight, my brother was there and Dad had several visitors today. I'll go tomorrow.

Never FORGET the morons who did this to us 8 years ago today!

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wheeler said...

"morons" gives them way too much credit. i'd offer suggestions, but this seems like a polite blog.