Wednesday, September 30, 2009


After cooking that beautiful pot of vegetable soup on Monday, I have been unable to enjoy it because of yet another episode of throat tightening and not allowing any food to go down. It always last a couple of days and that's exactly what it did. Lost a few pounds, so it does have an "up" side. Today, I finally ate a bowl of that soup, but I had lost the urge for it already! I took some to my mom and she will enjoy it.

My dad loves the aide that comes to shave and shower him. He hugged all over her and just told me "bye"! He fell again last night and lost control of his bowels. My brother is thinking we need to try to find a sitter for him at night and I agree. It won't be easy, but that's what we need to do mostly for Mom and my brother. Mom always has to call my brother to come get him up. They need their rest as well! Every day he is weaker. My brother goes to walk with him every day and yesterday he said Dad almost couldn't get back to the house after just walking down the driveway. It's a fairly long driveway, but he has been able to do it ok until yesterday.

My neighbor called me when I got home today and told me a lady had parked in my driveway and walked all around my house...even opened the back gate and went in the backyard. Even looked in a window. My neighbor finally asked her if she could help her and the lady just wanted to ask me about my yard and my flowers. She did NOT even know me. My neighbor said it was kind of creepy because the lady's car did not match the neighborhood she said she lived in. I don't like strangers going in my back yard, especially when I am not there.


Linda said...

Soup sound so dang good, would love to have your recipe, but I sure could use the problem with the throat and lose a few.
Glad your Dad likes the aide, that is so important.
I agree on not liking anyone around my property, but I am very lucky in that I have my son-in-law living right next door and he watches out for me.
As always I am thinking and praying for you and your family.

Sandy said...

Linda, I didn't have a recipe...just threw a bunch of stuff (mostly fresh veggies)together with some meat and tomato sauce. Thanks for the prayers as always. We cherish the prayers and just pray for him to go easily.