Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Called to action!

Today was supposed to be my day to stay home and take care of my business at home, but that didn't happen. My brother called at 12:45 and was taking Dad for his treatment in Shreveport. They were in Dad's truck, but it started running hot, so he pulled off the side of the interstate and called me to come get Dad and take him on to his 1:30 appointment for radiation. I got in gear and got Dad to his appointment right on time, but, of course, he still had to wait a few minutes before they came to get him. Because of the various states of undress and hospital gowns, I am not allowed to stay in the men's waiting room with him. I have to wait on the ladies' side. I have to watch for him when he gets through because he would have no clue where he was. We got that taken care of while my brother called a tow truck to haul the truck back home. We both got back to Dad's at the same time. Brother is going to take Dad the rest of this week. What will I do with myself? Oh..I know. Tomorrow I have a list of groceries that I have to get for Mom, and a dental appointment on Thursday....and stuff that I didn't get done today.

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