Friday, July 31, 2009

Holy Moly!

My brother, sister-in-law, and I spent the morning working in Mom and Dad's yard. Something is always needing to be done there. We got everything mowed and my brother got a water leak fixed in the yard. Dad's health is really bad. I am afraid (as is Mom) that he has had a little stroke. So often, his words are slurred and he is so weak that he can't do anything. I stayed and ate lunch with them and he couldn't say the blessing that he has been saying for 60 years...always the same one. I would not be surprised if he dropped dead any time. Actually, I hope that is how he goes because then he wouldn't have to endure a miserable illness. Mom sees him more than any of us and she said something is bad wrong with him.

Today has been the first day that I could mow my own yard because it has been raining so much. I finally got the front yard done, but  it was a major task. In fact, I had to stop and raise the deck on the mower because I could not push it through the thick grass. I'm just a wimp, I guess, but I am the only 66 year old in my neighborhood that mows my own yard with a push mower!! So there!!


GUYK said...

I am sorry about your Dad...I watched my dad die in bed...the way he always said he didn't want to go. I feel the same way...hope I croak with my boots on...or at least live to be 99 years old and get shot by a jealous husband while I'm putting on my boots

Sandy said...

Thanks, Guyk.

Anna said...

I'm sorry your dad is having such an awful time. What's worse is watching the surviving parent suffer the hurt and loneliness that comes with it.
I watched my mom suffer the the effects of lung cancer and it was terrible and there does come a time where you just want it to end for their sake.
As of now I'm watching advance prostate cancer wreak havoc on my 56 y/o brother. His family is spending time together so they can enjoy all the grandkids and family. He started to have tears while we were sitting on the porch of his lake house. When I left I cried all the way home.
Cancer takes so much from people.
Sandy ... My heart and prayers are with you and your family
Take car of yourself. I am afraid it will get mighty tough over the next several months for you.

Sandy said...

Thanks, Anna.