Saturday, July 25, 2009


More aphids....not on any of the things they sprayed last week, but I just discovered them on my althea and some of my flowers in pots. The man sprayed everything but the althea. Don't know why he didn't spray it. I wondered why the leaves were not looking healthy and there are very few blooms. Now I know after inspecting it closely. It's always something!!!!


GUYK said...

Just hobbled out and sprayed my peas and sweet potatoes with a liqid sevin dust solution. I get the concentrate and I bought one of those mixers I hook up to a water hose. Fast, simple, inexpensive and WORKS! Use it on all of my plants when needed

Sandy said...

Thanks, Guyk. I guess I'll try that. I hate to call the man back out here for one bush. I have liquid sevin in a spray bottle , but the bush is too big for that!