Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Backyard nature

While I enjoy watching the hummers, I am not quite so fond of the mockingbirds. They get on my very last nerve because they constantly fuss while I am outside trying to work. I know they are just being protective moms, but, please, just shut up!!!! There must be nests with babies all over the place because there is never a quiet moment. Apparently, it was time to kick some babies out of a nest in my backyard today. I watched some babies fall out of the tree and walk around on the ground for a while. Then one made his way to my patio and stayed there forever. I wasted half a day watching to see how the mom would get him to fly and I still missed it. I saw the mom bring a bug to it a couple of times, but I missed how she got it to leave. That baby will be riding the short bus! She had to invest way too much time on that one!!!


GUYK said...

I have been known to pop a 12 bore cap into the Pines to shut them the hell up...especially when they are mating at three in the morning

Linda said...

They can be annoying, I have a cat that they really don't like.
I once saw a baby redbird that had fallen out of the nest, I watched as both the mother and father would fly back and drop down in front of the baby and then take off over & over again. I didn't get to see the baby take off but I think that is how they try to get the message across.