Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Farmer's market.....yum!

As much as I discuss my garden, one would think I wouldn't have a need to go to the local farmer's market. OH! That would be wrong! I went to Shreveport to the afternoon market today and made off with cheese/bacon bread (if it has bacon in it, it has to be good..right?), tomatoes, fig cake, and peaches. The peaches are good, the fig cake is a little too sweet with a glob of fig preserves in the middle, and the rest remains untasted as of yet. My tomatoes just aren't quite ready, so I am at the mercy of others for now. People at the market were clamoring for the corn. Thank goodness, my sweet corn is ready, so I didn't have to fight that crowd. It's a great market protected under a huge metal structure from the sun and parking is close.

Update: The bread....No...not so much! Very bland...has no salt...didn't taste even a hint of bacon or cheese! Big ZERO on the bread!


Pat Austin said...

Ugh - I saw the pictures of that place from last Saturday - WAY TO MANY people! I'll keep driving to Coushatta! :)

Linda said...

Well, that's the pits, Bacon/Cheese bread and can't taste either. Sounds like false advertising to me. HaHa

Sandy said...

I threw the rest of the bread away. That's how much I didn't like it!!!

Even the tomatoes aren't that good! Basically, I guess I struck out!