Monday, May 25, 2009

Productive day already!

This was my harvest this morning. Lots of berries that my dad set out last year. They are bearing thousands of berries. The only problem is fighting the mosquitoes while trying to pick them. I sprayed down with off, but I didn't put it on my face, so the face was their target. These berries will turn into a cobbler before nightfall. I already ate fresh squash today that my mom cooked, but I may eat it again tonight. It's so good. The cucumber is the first one. I get to eat it because I am the only one that really likes cukes! I love them with Italian dressing.

These flowers are from my yard. I planted them a couple of years ago and gave up on them because of thrips, but they keep coming up each year. This year when they started to get buds, I started spraying and they are beautiful now.

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GUYK said...

Good looking berries! I do like my blackberry cobblers....and jams and jellies. Only problem I ever had in the berry patch was chiggers and snakes...and in Alaska a bear or two...I gave them the berries...