Friday, May 22, 2009

I love my mom!

Nothing bothers me more than to see my mom getting that elderly confusion. She was such a smart woman and was the one who kept us all straightened out on everything. Yesterday, she called me to tell me about hers and Dad's trip to the doctor. She was fine, but he had a vitamin D deficiency and would I go pick up his prescription for vitamin D. When I went to pick it up, they didn't have one for him, but they had one for her. It was Vitamin D. I stopped by the doctor's office and asked the nurse who really had the vitamin deficiency. Turns out it was her and the prescription was called in correctly! I'm glad I checked up on the discrepancy. I'm afraid that will be more the norm as time goes on. It makes me very sad to see her making mental's sooooo not like her!!!


Hammer said...

Your mom is way ahead of me I don't even remember going to the doctor.

Sandy said...

Well, Hammer, I'm glad I don't have to keep up with your meds!:)