Friday, January 04, 2008


I now have two new TV's...both hooked up and running properly. My brother got one for our mom and dad yesterday as well. Next, he is going to get one for him. I still don't have a DVR yet, but I will as soon as they get some in. Still don't have a new cell phone and provider yet, but I hope to get that done next week....then I will be done.

Last night we worked on the children's float....holy crap, it was cold out there. It's in a warehouse and we have one of those big heaters like they have on the sidelines of a football field..only not as big.

Today I gathered up my mom and the things we bought her for Christmas that didn't fit and we went to Belk's. It's real convenient for her because we can park in the handicapped space in her car and they have little carts for her to use like a walker or cane. She found lots of things and bought lots of things. She really enjoyed getting to shop for herself. I usually buy things for her because it's just hard for her to go to the mall...too much walking. It made me happy that she got to do that and enjoyed doing it. I think she got 5 new outfits and a robe for about $275. Everything was 50 % off, so she made out like a bandit.

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