Tuesday, January 15, 2008


The doctor's receptionist told me to come in right now when I called this morning. I always wait until I am in really bad shape before I go to the doctor. He is pretty sure it is gout and is treating it as such unless the blood tests show a different diagnosis. My uric acid is always high and I don't do any of the things that are supposed to cause gout. I remember that my grandfather had it, but I don't think it's hereditary. He gave me a shot of celestone, which is magical short term, but it also sends my blood sugar soaring. All cortisone does that to blood sugar. It's only around 200, but for me that is soaring. I also got some more pain pills, some gout meds and an antibiotic. Hopefully, it will be all better tomorrow!

On another note, once again the money is flowing from my account. My car is back in the shop getting the torque changed in the transmission. The whole transmission has to be removed to do this, so it will be expensive. They had my car all day today and haven't even pulled the transmission yet. I have my mom's car now. I wish I wasn't crippled so I could clean hers up for her while I have it. It's a mess!

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