Friday, January 25, 2008


The temperature has not risen above 34 all day and it is raining. We are thankful for those 2 degrees above freezing because ice would not be welcomed. Actually, due to the rather elevated slope of my drive way, I would be stuck at home because I would not be able to get traction on an iced over driveway. I had some icicles earlier, but they have melted. This morning I went to get some meds for Mom at Wal Mart and took them to her. When it is this cold, they stay at home and have it way too hot for me. Mom can hardly stand it either, but Dad has to have it really, really, warm. It's stifling to me. He doesn't understand why everyone doesn't want to be that warm!! Yesterday, he had a little damage done to his truck because he met a log truck on a bridge and he got a little too close to the concrete sides of the bridge. He knows he should not be driving, but it's hard for him to give it up. His macular degeneration has really affected his vision. I feel sorry for him.

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