Tuesday, December 04, 2007

The verdict is in!

Pathology report on my hand is squamous cell carcinoma. That means it is localized and will not spread anywhere else. The reason that he is going back in and cutting more out is because if there are any cells left, it will grow back. He will be doing that the 13th so I have a few days of reprieve before I go back to being a one armed bandit. It's like I'll be getting a facelift of the hand because he cuts stuff out, then stretches the skin back over it and stitches it up. The skin on the back of my hand is plenty loose, so it will stretch easily. I just dread being cut on again.


Liz said...

Well that just sucks! I'm glad it's not going to spread, but wish you didn't have to get sliced again.

Sandy said...

It does just SUCK!