Friday, December 28, 2007


After two days of not leaving the house and staying mostly in bed, I think this will be the day I venture out for a little while. I'm not well, but I am much better. My mom is still sick and my sister-in-law is still sick. They both had prescribed meds and my brother and I did not. He and I are almost well, while the two of them are not! A friend brought me some lunch yesterday and I started feeling better after I ate. She didn't come in because I told her how contagious this stuff is.

Last night I had an email from someone wanting to put something in our bal''s at the printer. They had 3 months to put stuff in there. I swear...I will never do that job again!! In fact, I was even thinking last night about not rejoining the Krewe when the time comes.

My doctor's office called this morning and told me the pathology report said they got it all this time, so we are through digging in my hand with a scalpel!

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