Wednesday, December 12, 2007


It's been a busy day, but I think I am through for the day with errands. I had lots of them today, most of which were pertaining to that damn Grand Bal' Program that I am doing. It is kicking my butt, but only because the stupid people won't get the stuff in to me. We were supposed to be through selling ads and last night I got an email that someone had sold 2 more with 2 more possibilities by Friday. WTF.....why can't they understand that the publisher can't do this stuff overnight!!!

I had to take a flying trip to Bossier to the UPS store. I guess the cold front is between here and there...a mere 20 miles. I had to use the AC going over and the heater coming back!! When I got home, my mom had called and left a message that her sister is in the hospital here. She has bronchitis, so Mom cannot go see her. If Dad got that with his COPD, he would die. I'm all relaxed in my flannels now, but I guess I will get dressed again and go see her.

I also just got an invitation to attend a candlelight dinner at the Arbor, where my other aunt lives. She only gets to invite 3 people, so I guess I'm the lucky one once again this year. That is on the 20th.

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