Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I was in Wally World at 7 A.M. getting stuff for my mom. By the time I got to her house, my sister-in-law was on her way over to take Mom to the doctor. She is really sick with a cold. I put up all her groceries, washed her sheets and changed her bed so that she will not re-infect herself over and over. By the time I got that done and cleaned her kitchen and bathrooms, they were back. She got a shot of celestone, which is some magic stuff, another shot and some meds. Tomorrow she has to go back for another shot.

Tonight I had to go to Diamond Jack's, the casino where our Bal' will be held, for a tasting of some new finger foods ( I can't spell hor's de oerves). Some of them were excellent, while others sucked big time. The chef is German and he had a sour kraut ball. Ummmm NOOOOO! I'll be glad when all this Bal' stuff is over. I'm ready for the parades and the fun!

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