Thursday, November 22, 2007

Blessed Day

We have a possibility of rain, sleet or snow by tomorrow morning. Snow would be awesome, but the least likely to happen. Today was a good day. We had 12 people for Thanksgiving Dinner at my brother's lake house. There was even a birthday cake for me with purple flowers on it. It was pretty and I have half of it here at home now. That is not good because I will eat that sucker!!

We had an excellent dinner of fried turkey, cornbread dressing (my mom's), mashed potatoes and gravy (for our guests who grew up in Michigan. I guess it's a Michigan thing because we never have that), green beans, corn casserole, fresh fruit salad, frozen fruit salad , congealed salad, and several desserts in addition to the birthday cake. I even went for seconds, which I NEVER do. It was really good.

My mother is just not doing well. She is still in pain from the colonoscopy she had two weeks ago. I cannot believe those people did not put her out. I am angry about it and they did something that is still causing her pain in her abdomen. If she isn't better soon, I will be calling that doctor's office. Most people never even feel or remember a colonoscopy. She never did before, so they just screwed up. They must have had water running through that IV.

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