Thursday, November 08, 2007

Non-stop day...

Most of this day has been spent working between two computers that don't like each other. I am the chairperson of the Grande Ball Program this year for the krewe. This involves getting head shots, bios and ads for the program. I don't have to sell the ads, but I do have to get them into the program and ready for the publisher. All of this is coming to me through email. It's a pain in the butt trying to do things right and learn how to do it all on a new computer with Vista and a new Windows Mail program, which isn't playing nice! Vista tells me I need Microsoft Outlook to use the "sent to" option in Microsoft Word. I have to try to find some answers to this online because I have Windows Mail that came with Vista and not Outlook. I tried to just attach the file to an email in Windows Mail and it told me it couldn't find all the attachments. WTH! It's just one page with a paragraph and a picture. Does that seem so hard to find!!! Damn computer can't find it!!

We had our ladies day out lunch today, but I ate light because I knew we were going to my brother's favorite restaurant for dinner. Today was his birthday and we ate catfish. He has everything he needs so since he didn't need anything, I gave a gift in his honor to his church's building fund. He said that was the best thing I could have done. Looks like I may have solved a Christmas gift problem as well. Of course, we have to have a few little gifts to open on Christmas Eve, so I still have to come up with something.

Shaking Gift

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