Tuesday, November 06, 2007

I'm done!

It's been a wonderful day in the neighborhood....well, at least it has for me. I have been in the yard all day getting the yard winterized in preparation for our first frost this week. The mowing, edging, blowing, winterizing, and watering is all done. The flower beds have been cleaned out and I have even planted a few bulbs in some pots. They are always good for a nice surprise when they come up and bloom. Flowers

As for the rest of the neighborhood.....not so much! I found out today that another "across the street" neighbor almost died and went back to the hospital today. Another neighbor 3 doors down DID die and I didn't know until last week. She was elderly and her husband died a few months ago. Their daughter had moved them up here from South Louisiana because she was tired of getting them out of the path of hurricanes. Her father fell almost immediately and had to go to a nursing home where he died soon after. Then just a few months later, her mother died. My neighborhood is really quite small....only about ten houses, so I really should be more in tune with what's going on. I'm not a very good neighbor!!!
Nosy Neighbor

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