Monday, November 26, 2007

Busy, busy day!

Today I put my car in the shop and borrowed Mom and Dad's car for the day. By the time I had taken them to get groceries and medicine and driven them home, then went back to my home...MY CAR WAS FIXED! After spending hours working on computer stuff for our Mardi Gras Bal', I took their car back to them and they had to bring me home. It's been crazy! I really intended to call my dentist because I am getting another abscess in the tooth next to the last one that had a root canal. He was afraid last time that the other tooth may also be involved. I started taking some antibiotic that I had here and my mouth feels better. I'm going to try to avoid that $700 fee right here at Christmas. Tomorrow I go back to the doctor about my hand. It is not any better and I fear that he will have to biopsy it. Ouch!

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