Monday, November 12, 2007

Alive again!

My energy was back today and I got a lot accomplished. I was most surprised when I moved a bookcase away from the wall and found all kinds of dead roaches, but BUGS! I decided then that I would call my pest control people, who only do the outside for termite control, and get them to start doing the inside as well. I have a problem with tiny spiders all along the baseboards as well. In fact, I have had a place on the top of my hand that I don't know what happened there, but it has been sore and hurts a lot. I cannot even let a shirtsleeve touch it. It has been there for about 3 months and I have decided it must be a spider bite. I was going to call the doc this week, but they are on vacation this week.

I also found some strawberry plants today....pricey ones, but nevertheless, strawberry plants. I have some hanging bags to plant some of them in and I did it and then read the directions. Of course, I did it all wrong!! As soon as I have them rooted good, I will take one bag containing 5 plants to Dad so he can watch them grow. I will keep one bag here because I will fertilize it. He won't do anything but water it. Tomorrow I will go to his house and fix a bed to plant the others in the ground. Strawberry

I feel sorry for Mom. Her tooth had to be pulled and she cannot eat today or tomorrow. Today because of the tooth....tomorrow because she is having a colonoscopy on Wednesday. It's not fun being her.

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