Saturday, October 06, 2007

It's OVER!

The wedding was sensational at Mount Vernon. The wait staff was dressed in period clothing just as they would have for George Washington. We partied until the bride and groom left and the last bus left for the various hotels. It was HOT there. It should be cooled off here by now, but that hasn't happened. The wedding ceremony was under a tent on the patio at the Mount Vernon Inn. They even had food that would have been served to George Washington...hoe cakes topped with lump crabmeat, steak and crab cakes.....real crab cakes...not those stuffed with bread crumbs. They even had two chocolate covered cherries in a gift box at every plate (get it?...George Washington ...cherry trees!!) Everything was perfect. I even sat at the table with the groom's mom and dad and brother, so at least I knew someone. I actually knew several people there. The groom's uncle performed the ceremony, so I knew him as well. Tomorrow I plan to get on the Metro and do some touristy things. Most people are going home tomorrow, but I will get a chance to see everyone again at Jason and Angela's home tomorrow at the bar b que. The mothers are doing it.

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