Sunday, September 23, 2007


It's been a very uneventful weekend and I welcomed it. It was nice to kick back and do nothing. Yesterday, I did go to Mom and Dad's and took them to a fund raiser for the youth at their church. The pastor's brother came up from New Orleans and cooked a truckload of jambalaya. Seriously, it wasn't very good. Jambalaya is a Louisiana dish made from rice and sausage. I've never made it, but I think I could and it would taste better than that.

I am once again eating fresh cucumbers from the few plants I planted a few weeks ago. That's a real treat. Those things are 75 cents each in the store.

There are three people that I know who are near death. These are all old people, but I think they will be gone before I get back home off the road. One of them is my friend's father. He is around my father's age.

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