Monday, September 10, 2007

Daddy's girl...

Yesterday, I told my dad that I would be at his house tomorrow to do all the spraying of Round UP. When I got there, he wanted me to take him to the bank; then he gave my brother and me each $300. He had told me that he was going to give me $200 for my road trip, but I guess he decided to help me more. Fine by me. I can certainly use it with gas prices rising every day. He has no clue that I have a new computer ordered. He wouldn't understand why I needed a new one when I have one that works fine. He's sensible that way!!! His daughter is NOT! Rave


Nea said...

HI Sandy, I found you by looking up links you to people who have the same intersts as you do.

My mother would feel the same as your Dad. She used the same frig for 35 years.....haha

But she would never just give me any money...... she is also kind of stingy. haha So I have been more generous with my kids.

Sandy said...

Welcome. Thanks for stopping by. I do love and vegetables. I'm all about digging in the dirt. I lived on the concrete far too long.