Monday, August 27, 2007

Yet another whirlwind day...

I went to my mom's to help her peel pears this morning. While I was there my cousin in Virginia called and told us that her mother, my aunt, my dad's sister who lives in the assisted living facility right down the road from me, fell last night and broke her hip. She is 91. We had to abandon everything and get to the hospital. Her other daughter, who lives in Shreveport, finally got there after they took her mother to surgery. We left the hospital after my aunt got back in her room because she was just in too much pain for visitors. I hope her daughter stays the night with her, but one can never tell about her. She's a strange one!! If it were my mother, I would have cancelled whatever I had to do and got to that hospital. She, on the otherhand, dawdled around taking her damn sweet time getting to the hospital. I was pissed!

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