Friday, August 24, 2007


I need to stop screwing around with my computer! I have been watching lots of Elvis stuff on TV this month, so tonight I decided to purchase some Elvis songs for my ipod. Big surprise was that when I clicked on itunes, it told me to reinstall it. It had some missing parts. What? I haven't opened itunes in months, but I guess I screwed something up. I have spent the last hour downloading it again and re-installing and hoping all my songs would be there if I ever got it to work again! HOT DAMN! Everything is there and it works. I have to have my ipod. I don't use it nearly like I used to because I don't have a nice fitness center to go like I did in Beaumont. I can't use it mowing the yard because I sweat too much, but I LURVE my ipod!!! It's sweet!

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