Friday, October 20, 2006

Doughgirl......that's me!

I tested a recipe that was in the paper this week for apple dumplings.....I only made 4... thank goodness...because I have eaten 3 of them!!They are much too sweet, but quite delicious and maybe I didn't check it soon enough, but they didn't seem to do a number on my blood sugar. It's just the mornings that I cannot eat carbs. This morning I ate a mini bagel without any jam and drank a cup of coffee and it caused my BS to go to 203!! Coffee even raises my BS in the mornings, but I have read that caffeine will raise it. Diet cokes don't seem to do that, but coffee does. If I have to drink decaf, the purpose is defeated!!!! Usually, when I make coffee, that's all I have for breakfast so it really doesn't matter.

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