Sunday, October 01, 2006

Busy Saturday

Many things were going on with me yesterday. I took two ninety year olds from my aunt's assisted living facility ( she was one of the 90's) to a birthday celebration for another 90 year old. That isn't as easy as it sounds!!

Yesterday was election day in Louisiana and I went to the Chief of Police's home to a party to wait for the returns. He was re-elected with 56% of the vote. He was the only one though. All the others are in run-off's. It was a good time. I had 3 beers and one glass of champagne. It's been a long time since I had even that much to drink. OK..June...not as long as I thought!!!

I also got involved in watching Texas A&M and Texas Tech! Wow. Such a good ball game, but I was for A&M !

Today I went to a new members' luncheon at my now I am full and about to take a NAP! I even closed the garage door so no one knows I'm home!!!

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