Monday, September 11, 2006

La-la Land kind of day!

I took one half of a 150MG Deseryl (Trazadone) to help me sleep last night. Not only did I sleep last night, but pretty much all day as well. I have been totally worthless. The yard needs to be mowed, but I am trying to wait until the impending "cold" front comes through tonight and tomorrow. Thursday morning the low is supposed to be 60, so I am waiting for that.


Janis said...

Good Lord!!!! I take 50 mg to go to sleep. Those 150mg tablets are meant to be cut into 1/3's. However, K does take 150mg himself. I took 75mg one time and slept forever!! They really work, but you be careful with them.

Sandy said...

I don't see how he can take them that strong. I took two whole ones one time, but I will NEVER, EVER do that again. It really made me feel strange......unlike SOMA'S ! :)