Tuesday, September 12, 2006

It's over!

Big Brother All Stars is over. I am sort of glad because I have been so glued to this show to the point that I wouldn't answer the phone while it was on. Of course, I would check the caller ID to make sure it wasn't someone important.

My neighbor came over while I was mowing the yard today and made me quit and come to her house for some iced tea. She saw how red my face was and was ready to call the paramedics. I was fine...just hot! I made the mistake of telling her I mapped out a 1.2 mile walk from my house and back and started walking it this morning. Now she wants to go with me. I like to walk alone and listen to my Ipod! Oh, well. I'll just go again some other time and listen to my Ipod;that way I get in two walks, double benefits, and get to listen to my Ipod. I just about had a stroke when I got on the scales this morning and there were two more pounds there that weren't there yesterday! WTF! I guess I was deriving considerable benefits from the stairs in my previous home and my 3 to 4 times a week at the Wellness Center in Beaumont. I miss that facility a lot!

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