Thursday, September 28, 2006

Got myself a new Doc...

I have been battling gout in one big toe for several years. When it really flares up, it is so painful that not even a sheet can rest on my toe. That has only happened twice and it requires high powered pain meds. Recently, it has just been annoying and only slightly painful and will not bend. Sunday, when I could not wear the dress shoes I wanted to wear, I made the decision to do something about it. I knew there was a medicine to prevent it and make it go away, but no doctor ever treated the cause before....just the symptoms. This, in spite of the fact that my blood tests always showed elevated uric acid, which is the cause of gout. He immediately put me on a med to make it well and prevent it from coming back.

He is very thorough. He is scheduling a stress test (because all diabetics need one at least once a year), a bone density test (which I have never had), a mammogram (which is a year overdue), and who knows what else he will schedule after he gets those four vials of blood analyzed! After all his poking and prodding, I am in pretty good least until the blood tests come back. Heart sounded good, lungs sounded good and I have lost no sensation in my feet due to diabetes. And on top of all that, he is some EYE CANDY!


Moobear said...

Fortunately I have never had gout, but have known many that have and their stories were complete stories of horror and pain. I feel for you and wish the pain to go away soon. To think a sheet touching can hurt, makes in my mind a big hurt. You will be in my thoughts!


Sandy said...

Thank you. It is better already, but I guess I will have to take the meds forever. My brother took this med for years, but another doctor took him off and he hasn't had any gout without the meds. So..maybe someday I can get off the meds. I hate taking pills!!